Exceptional market access


Voss Aviation & Motion Technology Limited exclusively represents market leaders in the manufacture of high quality products for the aviation and aerospace industries across China, Taiwan and Korea.

Our range of products comprehensively covers aluminium and titanium forgings and investment castings and aluminium sheets, plates, extrusions, tubes, pipes and bars.

We never compromise on quality. The products we represent have been engineered to adhere to the strictest technical requirements of the aviation industry and have been developed by globally recognised, leading teams of aviation and aerospace professionals. 

Through insightful, engaging and exclusive dialogues with both our customers and partners, we set the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction. Our dedication has seen us continuously surpass our own ambitions and targets for market awareness and growth.




Our partnership with Otto Fuchs, began 1995 and after nearly 20 years of work together, it is the heart of our development in China. Otto Fuchs' principle of "visible beauty - invisible safety" has firmly established their products as the perfect culmination of quality, technical expertise and service so that we are recognised as trusted and valued leaders within the vanguard of the forging and aviation industry.



WMI leads the forging market in North America with an outstanding reputation for first class aluminium and titanium hand and die forgings. WMI is the leading supplier of aluminium hand forgings for the semiconductor industry. Investing in a new titanium forging plant in 2012 has further solidified their leading market position for the aviation industry. 




Defined by engineering excellence TITAL manufacturers near to shape aluminium and titanium investment castings with the smallest tolerances in the industry. Since 2013 TITAL has responded to growing customer demand in China by establishing a manufacturing base in Nantong.




Alu Unna is the leading manufacturer in the highly specialised production of aluminium tubes and profiles for the aviation industry. Alu Unna's products are critical for flight safety and therefore it is imperative that they meet the strictest production process controls and inspections. Alu Unna consistently exceed the quality and standards of the industry.



Based in Austria, AMAG is a leading manufacturer of high quality aluminium flat-rolled products. With the recent investment into a new hot rolling mill, AMAG has expanded their product range and capabilities for the aviation industry. This shows their continued commitment and support for the global aviation customer base.






Generations of passionate Porsche drivers have shared the passion for the FUCHSFEGE from the early 1960's to today. The distinctive design of the FUCHSFELGE forged wheels have been up scaled, maintaining the same proportions of the 19" but featuring modified suspension for the new 911. FUCHSFELGE brings together visions from the past and the innovations of today. The 17" and 18" FUCHS wheels will also be available for the Porsche 964, 993, 996, 986 with modifications for the G-Model.




With their impeccable legacy in manufacturing for premium automotive OEM 's, motorcycles, aviation and railway applications - it's no surprise that OTTO FUCHS took their expertise in forged aluminium alloy to enter the truck wheel market. Addressing the growing demand for trucks, buses, road tankers and trailers, OTTO FUCHS have redefined standards for safety, fuel, load efficiency and innovative design.



With more than 10 extrusion presses, OTTO FUCHS is able to provide a variety of custom-made solutions to meet the requirements of the aviation, oil & gas and large profile sectors. Offering a range of complexities and diameters, OTTO FUCHS' full range of downstream processing equipment is able to supply complicated profile platforms for truck loading systems, articulation systems for link buses and noise barrier systems for high-speed train tracks.