Friggi Cutting Solutions S.r.l.

Sector Leader and partner to the most important international players of the steel, titanium and aluminium cutting industry.

  • Worldwide market coverage
  • Leader in the business of cutting high performance metals for the aviation & aerospace industry
  • A complete line of standard and tailor-made products.
  • Renowned within the market for originality in more advanced and efficient cutting solutions.
  • Friggi Cutting Solutions S.r.l. has set its goal in aiming to constantly reduce the cost per cut by continuous investment in R & D and collaborating with all the main service centres around the world.
  • Friggi Cutting Solutions S.r.l. selects the best possible components to guarantee a final product that is at the forefront of technology with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.
  • Global service support is made available through authorized partners. Parts distribution is handled by satellite warehouses in various territories in order to reduce down times.
  • Able to do test cutting of client material in our premises to come up with the best possible solution for client requirements.