A visit to Airbus in HAMBURG by introduction from VAMT

German business college class from Hong Kong visits Airbus in HAMBURG earlier this week.


When we were approached by Mr Fust, the Head of Business Colleage of the GSIS in Hong Kong to make an introduction to Airbus in Hamburg for a class visit in December this year to Airbus Hamburg, we did not hesitate at all as we understand that such a visit would be a great experience for any student.   

International Paris Air Show - Le Bourget 2017


































Every two years the Paris Airshow takes place and VAMT visits and supports customer visits from Asia, especially from China, Korea and Taiwan to our prinzipals such as Otto Fuchs, Weber Metals, AMAG and ZOLLERN.

VAMT witnesses COMAC's C919 first flight in Shanghai on May 5 2017, marking a historical event  for China's civil aviation industry. 

VAMT with its suppliers, Otto Fuchs, Weber Metals, AMAG, Zollern and Alu Unna supplies high performance metals made from aluminium and titanium for COMAC's ARJ21 and C919 civil aviation programs!

Day 1 @ The Zhuhai Airshow 2016

The first day at the Zhuhai Airshow 2016 has been busy with plenty of discussions with a number of key customers from China. 

 The team! 

The team! 

Thanks to great support from all of our principals we have again a complete presence of German, Austrian and US high quality performance and competence to demonstrate! 

 China's wide body future - COMAC's twin aisle development 

China's wide body future - COMAC's twin aisle development