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Voss Aviation & Motion Technology Limited has been an established, trusted brand in China and across Asia for 30 years.

Our strong relationships with our principals in Germany, Austria and the US, paired with our in-depth customer understanding have made us the perfect bridge between markets and cultures.

Redefining high standards

We make it our business to fulfil and surpass the needs and requirements of our partners and customers. We connect people, ideas, innovation and markets. By staying focused and dedicated to sophisticated industries including aviation, aerospace, transportation and semiconductors, we have surrounded ourselves with those who redefine high standards. We're proud to be considered among industry leaders and pioneers with our technological and engineering expertise and insights.

When approaching any project, we make sure to put our customers at the forefront of our thoughts, providing the highest quality solutions which best address their requirements and provide maximum benefit.

Building long-term partnerships

We approach our business relationships with a mind-set geared for long term commitment. We pride ourselves on the fact that our business partners and clients show continuing trust and satisfaction in our work - seeking our expertise for multi-faceted and long-term projects.




Our principals rely on us as their trusted representative in the markets we engage with. We ensure direct routes for clients into markets and value the importance of communication and follow-through at all stages. We value the significance of supporting seamless business development in foreign markets.

Dedicated to quality of service

Our business has always been founded on trust, confidence and transparency. We bring together our principals and clients in alliances and partnerships, which marry business strategy and technical engagement with a view for sustainable, long-term business. 

Our ability to spur engaging dialogues with our clients in China, have seen us successfully develop and supply products for local aircraft programs including the C919, ARJ21 and MA700. Through our insights and experience we make it possible for our principals to qualify for these programs and support local aviation programs in China. We're able to act as the bridge between our principals and the Chinese sub-contracting partners for AIRBUS and Boeing, providing important guidance and support at every stage of the supply chain.



Andreas Voss  Managing Director

Andreas Voss

Managing Director

We offer the perfect platform for companies seeking qualified market access to Chinas’s aviation and aerospace industry.
Terry Li  General Manager

Terry Li

General Manager

I am proud to work for Otto Fuchs, Weber Metals, ZOLLERN, ALUnna and AMAG Austria. With their exceptional professional competence and our deep cultural understanding, our values are aligned with each own - the perfect way to forge a lasting relationship.